All of our conventional blocks are as flat as they can be to help get you off to a great start building. You can build conventional slab home, and more importantly, you have the option to have a flat back yard for the kids. There are also a number of multi acre blocks at Riverland which provide endless possibilities.
natural-gasNatural gas is accessible from every block with the mains running alongside the boundary. Natural gas is a much cleaner and cheaper energy source ideal for heating your home and water. It also enables the masterchef in you to install a gas stove top. nbnTechnology will be at your fingertips as Vermont is one of the first areas to be connected to The National Broadband Network (NBN), the new high-speed broadband network comprising three technologies – optic fibre, fixed wireless and satellite. recycled-waterVermont is home to one of Australia’s leading recycled water networks – Pitt Town Water. As residents are part of the Pitt Town sustainable water network they are recognised by BASIX certification and are eligible for high BASIX ratings.

The mains water runs alongside each block at Vermont, making it easy and convenient for your builder to connect to, reducing your site costs.


All electricity lines run underground so there are no overhanging power lines throughout Vermont. Each block has an electrical pillar on its boundary for easy access, reducing your site costs.


Pitt Town Water’s sustainable water network also takes wastewater and sewage from Vermont homes. Sewer connection runs alongside each block boundary, making it easy and convenient for your builder to connect to the sustainable water network and reducing your site costs.